Cannot add a filter for a geo_point field in Kibana 6.5 visualisations


I have an index with multiple fields in it, one of which is of type geo_point. We are using this data to plot on a coordinate map. However for a particular visualisation I wish to make, I need to filter out some of the geo_point data, but when I choose to add the filter, the field that is the type geo_point is not available in the list for me to choose from. I have also tried to filter by this field in the discover tab, but it is not an option there either.

Is it not possible to filter by fields of type geo_point in Kibana 6.5?

Hi @reillye. You can not create a geo_point filter in Discover. But you can create one from the coordinate maps visualization. Look for two buttons in the map container. One is labeled "Draw a polygon" and the other is labeled "Draw a rectangle". These tools can be used to draw a filter on the map.

On a side note, the Elastic Maps application has many more features than the coordinate maps visualization. However, this is only available from v6.7 and v7.x releases. I hope you have a chance to use Elastic Maps and give us feedback. Maybe with a free trial of Elasticsearch Service?

Hi @nickpeihl,

Thanks, I wasn't aware that was how you applied a filter through maps!

We've looked at the Elastic Maps application and we'd love to use it, but unfortunately it is not available in Kibana 6.5, which is the version we need to use as it offers Sentinl, which the newer versions of Kibana do no support anymore.

On a side note, is Elastic Maps a paid for only feature? Does it come with the open source version of Kibana?

Elastic Maps is free with our Basic license, but not open source.

You could also download Basic license releases of Elasticsearch and Kibana for free and run it locally.

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