Using a layer as a filter in a map


Is it possible to use a layer imported from a GeoJSON file as a filter ? Example, in this picture I would like to use the red area layer as a filter, only points inside the area are shown ?

How can I do it ?


At this moment you cannot perform overlay analysis with Kibana. If you are only talking about a single feature, you can still add the coordinates of that feature to the Map filter. The trick (and we may need to improve this) is that the interface is in the tooltip, and it will only show if you add at least one field.

My test:

  • Add the Kibana Flights sample data
  • Create a map with a Documents layer from the Kibana Flights index, mapping the OriginLocation field.
  • Increase the main Kibana time range to render enough data
  • Import a sample GeoJSON file and uncheck the Apply global filter to layer data
  • Add the _id field (or any other) to the GeoJSON layer
  • Click on the feature and then on Filter by geometry. On the small following wizard remember to set up the filtered field as OriginLocation, since that's the field of your points.

Hope this helps.

Created a feature request here related with the need for a tooltip to appear to have at least one field added.

Hi Jorge,

Thanks a lot for your answer. I tested your solution and will do it.
And thanks for the new feature request it will be useful.


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Great, feel free to add any comments to the feature request.

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