Filtering map vectors in Canvas

I am new to Elastic but getting on really well. I have uploaded a GeoJSON via Kibana and have created a which I have added to my canvas.

In my canvas I also have a dropdown filter which uses SQL to select a list of discrete codes. I would have thought by selecting one of the codes in the drop down the vector features on the map should be filtered too.

Is this not the case? Or do I need to do something special to wire up the two Elements?

Many thanks for your help

What is the expression on your map element? By default, the expression for the maps saved objects doesn't include the filters function which applies filters to the element, so I'm thinking the filters aren't being applied to your map. In your expression you just want to add filters to the top of your expression like this:

| savedMap id="..."
| render

Thank you so so much! I would never have figured that out without your help.

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