Cannot choose Elasticsearch index alias as a Kibana index patter

In this use case to search 2 Elasticseach indices are searched. I have added a common alias to the indices and a query i Kibana dev tools like

GET indexalias/_search
 "query": ...

works as expected. The alias combines filebeat and a winlogbeat indices.

I want to create a Kibana dashbord which uses the alias. However, I am not able to create a Kibana index pattern with the alias. The alias does not show up on the Create Index Pattern page. Since the pattern should match filebeat-* and winlogbeat-* I am not able to create a pattern directly on the Create Index Pattern page.

As far as I have search the documentation and the forum this should be possible, but how?

Best regards

What does it say when you try to add the pattern?

Ups, now I am able to choose the indices on the Create index pattern page. Perhaps Kibana was annoyed I wrote to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Best Regards Flemming

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