Cannot connect to Kibana on port 5601

Hi All,

We are trying to evaluate Elastic Stack and I am having an issue getting to the management console in Kibana. I am following the getting started guide which says to install ElasticSearch first then Kibana. I have done both of those but I cannot connect to the Kibana instance that is running. I took a packet capture and it is showing TCP resets for some reason so the traffic is reaching the server. I have linked to the logs below. Anyone know why I can't connect to Kibana?

Log -

Looks like Kibana is bound to localhost:5601 which is only accessible from within that host. Change localhost:5601 to in your kibana.yml file.

Thanks Christian, that was the issue. I was able to confirm that with a netstat -an and it was only bound to the loopback. Thanks for the quick reply! I can connect to it now.


hey i am having same issue ..but i am facing this during docker installation .furthermore i don't have any idea about where i can find yml file in docker

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