Cannot create index in elasticsearch

Hi, i just installed ElasticSearch on Windows7 x64.

i'm learning from "definitive guide" , when try to create new index the request will be in infinite loading status

PUT http://localhost:9200/megacorp/employee/1

Hi @fabriziodb,

I guess you are referring to the first example in the chapter Indexing Employee Documents:

PUT /megacorp/employee/1
    "first_name" : "John",
    "last_name" :  "Smith",
    "age" :        25,
    "about" :      "I love to go rock climbing",
    "interests": [ "sports", "music" ]

Did you also enter the body?

I usually use the Sense Chrome browser extension to issue queries against Elasticsearch. You can also install Sense UI which is a Kibana extension.


How did you enter the statement?