Cannot login to Elastic Cloud

Hi team,

I'm not able to reach out to any of my clusters, I'm not able to login to
Elastic Cloud. Endpoints of clusters aren't available.
I've tried to reset my elastic cloud account password but still cannot
login after the password was reset.
request (#01530681) is created but SLA is 3 days. our prod cluster is not avaialble. We need help please!

Hi. We are facing exactly the same issue. It happened about 26 h ago. We lost our production cluster. Furthermore, we are not able to login to Elastic Cloud account. Reset of password doesn't work. We also received a notification, that we were removed from the organization (although I am admin of the organization). Request (#01530627), security ticket (#01530680) were created as well. We also need help with the situation.

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sorry for the delay and what happened there. since this is a legal issue and not something technical, I'll stick to the official statement here:

Elastic takes its legal and ethical obligations very seriously and constantly evaluates its dealings with parties in or near locations subject to legal restrictions like trade sanctions. Elastic has determined that it is most appropriate for our business not to continue to engage with certain cloud customers and/or users in Russia, Belarus, and other regions subject to legal and regulatory restrictions, notwithstanding previous positions the company may or may not have taken.

Hello. If it is true then I don't understand why the legal obligations have been applied to my project and account. And why has it been done without any warning and notification? My application is deployed in europe-west1 region, the target country is Georgia, all developers including me are located in Poland (previously we were located in Georgia). I am from Belarus by origin, but I don't live there for a long time and my project is in no way related to Belarus and especially to Russia. Could you please explain the reason of disabling my account?

I already asked on Friday if there is any process for this. I hope to have an answer tomorrow. I‘m afraid I‘m mostly helpful on the tech side but very far from legal.

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