Cannot restore snapshot to new single node cluster

I've made a snapshot for a single node cluster using default settings:

PUT /_snapshot/backup/%3Csnapshot-%7Bnow%2Fd%7D%3E

Created a new single node cluster, and tried to restore it:

POST /_snapshot/backup/snapshot-2021.09.23/_restore
, but I get error:

"type" : "snapshot_restore_exception",
"reason" : "[backup:snapshot-2021.09.23/esJtA1MeRcenJbz3tkIL2A] cannot restore index [.geoip_databases] because an open index with same name already exists in the cluster. Either close or delete the existing index or restore the index under a different name by providing a rename pattern and replacement name"

The new cluster is empty, so I guess that .geoip_databases index is auto built on startup.

Shouldn't this type of feature just work on a new empty cluster?
It's not user friendly to make users manually selecting indexes from snapshot to restore...

Elasticsearch 7.14.1

That would be correct. If you don't want any data in the new cluster just issue a curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -XDELETE 0:9200/*.

That's a valid assertion. I would suggest raising an issue on GitHub about this so we can take a closer look at making this smoother.

You cannot delete this index, its a system index. So it is stupid that the snapshot stores this index, where you are not able to restore it. Does not make any sense and breaks the whole mechanism, don't get it.

At the end, before you can delete this index you have to do the following : How to disable geoip usage in 7.14.0

Github issue:

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