Cannot search the documentation with Chromium

Hi, I just can't search the docs lately with Chromium on Ubuntu 20.04. Firefox does work.

When typing a keyword in the search box, Swifttype basic auth login dialog appears. From there it only leads to a 401.

Chromium version: 88.0.4324.96 (Official Build) snap (64-bit)


Thanks for raising this, I will ask one of the webteam to take a look :slight_smile:

Is there any plugins that you have installed that might be stopping cookies from working? Can you try in an incognito window?

Thank you warkolm, it's indeed working in the incognito mode.

I have very few plugins, however I had Modheader plugin installed that was apparently adding some headers. Cannot tell now which headers, because I removed it and it started working. I added it again after and now it works well. My bet is that there was some Basic Auth being applied to the request, maybe a leftover of some tests for a client.

Sorry for the fuzz!

Best Regards,

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