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I don't know if I'm at the right place to say this, but there seems to be a problem with the search button in the documentation ( ) :

it doesn't work at all for me today on Firefox, Chrome and Edge so I don't think the problem is just on my end.

Hope it'll be fixed soon!


I'd heard about this a few days ago and passed it off to the appropriate folks but never filed an issue publicly. I just fixed this with:

We'll add updates there as we know more.

Great thanks for the answer !

In the meantime, is there anyway to access a searchable documentation ?

Currently training for the engineer certification and training wiht duckduckgo isn't going to help me when I take the actual exam.

ps : if it's of any help, there was a problem with the search button disappearing when the width of the browser window was less than around 1000px and it seemed to have been fixed at the same time than the current problem appeared.

I believe you can search on still. It might take some extra typing to filter out the non-docs links, but it should work.

Thanks! I'll pass it on.

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