Cann't Visualize certain term in kibana data table

HI all,
I would like to list the count of certain message / code in kibana data table. In the buckets section, I select aggregation as "Terms" and select the property I would like to count in "Field". It works fine for some terms but not the others.

It is okay for "fields.MemberType.raw"

No result found if I select "fields.RestApiRequestAndResponse.Response.Message".

I can get both fields in discover tag.

Have no idea why no result found ... Any idea or how can I trace what happened? Thanks in advance

What type of mapping does this have in Elasticsearch? Check what is shows when you use the Elasticsearch mapping API:


If it is an analyzed string field, you'll be able to do search with it, and can show in Discover, but it won't be shown in any field selector in the Visualization builder because Kibana doesn't support visualizations for analyzed strings. If you need that data shown in a visualization, then the mapping for the field should be a multifield with a raw key. See fields | Elasticsearch Guide [7.15] | Elastic

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