Cant access API. Get unauthorized message

So I'm very new and green to ES, I was trying to run over some online docs to try and get the connected to the API and do a insert of an attachment (PDF)

When I attempted to run the put command I get back

action [indices:admin/auto_create] is unauthorized for user [creatIndex] with roles

So I went to the user, created a new roll, however under the indexes drop down it says there are no objects avalible.. So I ran the create index put command to create a single document index that does show up under index manager however I am unable to see it when I create or update a roll.

I tried to add the index in by just typing it, and running my code again, but this time I get back the following message

'action [indices:admin/auto_create] is unauthorized for user [creatIndex] with roles [apiRoll] on indices [books], this action is granted by the index privileges [auto_configure,create_index,manage,all]'

Odd enough, the index is not named book, I have no idea where that is coming from, but also, it still does not work..

Is there any docs that may go over this a bit more?

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