Can't connect two nodes in elastic 2.0 local wifi

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Hi there, I am new to elastic search but I am really exited and looking forward to use it to make cool things. Unfortunately so far I have been struggling a bit, I hope I can get some help to get started.
I have just installed elastic 2.0.0 on two laptops. Mac and ubuntu.
In the elastic config file I have set up the following:
-cluster name
-node name with each other ip address

But it seems that they don't join the same cluster. They each individually create their own cluster locally. If I use kibana/sense GET _nodes/stats, each laptop has his own one node cluster.
I tried to set as well with the LAN ip address, but if I do so, Kibana is not able to connect to the elastic server, even if I change in the kibana config file the address from to the LAN ip.
Please help.
Thank you.

(Dario) #2

The clusters are actually joining with the option
Kibana was not able to connect because I had to set up a further option "elastic search.url"
Sorry for the spam. Hop this will help other people.

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