Can't curl a just installed elastic in a vm - time out issues

Hi there, I have a VM with Elastic and kibana working fine in an 20.04 ubuntu.
I am now trying to send curl operations on the rest api, from my host, but i got timed out.

in the vm it's working fine.

when i do : sudo ufw status
9200 is allowed from anywhere

the is set to and the port to 9200.

I don't know where to look now.

Thanks for your help !

From on the VM host where elasticsearch is installed what do you get get when you run

curl http://localhost:9200

Then run

curl http://<hostnetworkip>:9200

The try that from another host let us know
Do you get the same thing?

Did you read the difference between dev and production mode?

Also you can always try to telnet to the elasticsearch host and port 9200 from another server if that fails then perhaps you may have a firewall issue

i didn't tryed the curl http://:9200 in the VM.

And now it worked on my host.

Thank you very much !

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