Can't disable swap on Windows

I have been trying to reduce our swapping:

The cluster is running on Azure VMs (ES is actually running on a secondary hd):

On one of the nodes:

  • I have ES_HEAP_SIZE set to 14g

  • I have the Windows Virtual Memory page file disabled

  • I have mlock enabled

    "aVL-ZYsnQju5G4ZsVVwT5Q": {
       "settings": {
          "bootstrap": {
             "mlockall": "true"
       "process": {
          "mlockall": true

I still have these warnings about swapping. Note that I have not rebooted the VM. I don't want the node to be down that long. Is that required?

Any idea how to tune this?


What is the version of ES?



Whats the output of "wmic pagefile list /format:list"?

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