Can't filter for/from value in dashboard

When I am in the Discover screen, I can click on "filter for value" and "filter from value" by clicking the little graphic next to field. Works great.

However, when I'm in the Dasboard and looking at data via a saved search, clicking on either "filter for value" or "filter from value" does nothing. There are no pop-ups indicating a field issue - it just doesn't work.

Just retested; I also cannot click on these in the Discover page.

Anyone know what could be causing this?

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Would you mind filing an issue at the Github Issue Tracker? If you are seeing this regularly that it's a bug

Digging in a little more, I figured out what was breaking it. I have a rule that ensures that a field exists:
"query": {
"exists": {
"field": "status"

When you have a rule set like this, all of the filter functions break in a saved search list. Is there a better way to have a set of rules check to ensure a field exists?