Cant find Metadata file in a bundle

In a ESS Deployment, im configuring SAML with ADFS. Because our cloud deployment cant reach our internal ADFS, i uploaded the metadata file:
saml/medatadata.xml -> zip in

Then i update the cluster and everything looks fine.
when i add SAMl config:
idp.metadata.path: /app/config/saml/metadata.xml

i get this error. probably incorrect folder?

Metadata Resolver FilesystemMetadataResolver saml-adfs: Error occurred while attempting to refresh metadata from '/app/config/saml/metadata.xml' Metadata file '/app/config/saml/metadata.xml' does not exist at

Hi there Andres,

If you followed our configuration in (step 7) and you have uploaded the bundle with the correct name and file names in the correct deployment in Cloud, please reach out to your support engineer, it will be much easier to get this straightened out.

Hi @ikakavas , thanks for your answer.
yes, i ended opening a support ticket, but i wasnt sure if i was doing thing correctly or the bundle has not been replicated in the nodes.

i will post the answer

It looks like from our deployment (standard by now) we can add Bundle and use SAML, but in the standard license "Bundle" are not included (it took me time to figure this out, because the interface allow you to add Bundles).
I finally setup SAML using the metadata external URL.
And Elastic Support told me i cant use SAML on Standard... but it is working. Strange

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