Can't get good results

Please help us to solve the following issue:

The problem is.....
We do not have a specific queue. Default query is _search?q={$q}
This search query is not getting the result for me.
When we tried different queues, we could not get a good/exact result.

For example: thes query " ?q=title: iphone 7"

We get the results:

cases iphone 6 64gb
Hoco UltraSlim TPU Case iPhone X
HOCO Light Series TPU for iPhone X - Transparent Black
Monsterskin Super Impact Proof for iPhone X

We want to get the results where you will be able to find the results.

iphone 7 mobile phones.
iphone 7 32gb mobile phones.
iphone 7 128gb mobile phones.

you can try match_phrase query?

If the keyword does not match by 100%, then the result is 0

Please don't post images of text as they are hardly readable and not searchable.

Instead paste the text and format it with </> icon. Check the preview window.

If the keyword does not match by 100%, then the result is 0

Yes. This is not what you asked for.

Anyway, here is a script that might help you to build a nice combination of different type of queries:

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