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hi all! Maybe a stupid question, but I couldn't figure it out myself. inaccurate search in Kibana through the search bar in Discovery does not return anything ... if you search by fields, then the pots query works

I got a search query from Inspect, checked it through DevTools - there are no matches (although there should be a lot of them)

here is part of that search query:

“query": {
     bool: {
       "must": [],
       "filter": [
           range: {
             "@timestamp": {
               "format": "strict_date_optional_time",
               "gte": "2022-09-02T15:06:52.521Z",
               lte: "2022-09-02T15:21:52.521Z"
           "match_phrase": {
             "agent": "mozilla"
       "should": [],
       "must_not": []

I have something with indexing? Or is it due to the lack of a data stream?

and when i search "* Mozilla *" or "Mozilla *" then I get search results.

but and without * or whith "*Mozilla" I get nothing

You should take a look at this

In the KQL bar, you should name a field you want to search on.

I also suspect that field may a keyword, not a text field. You should probably look at what the difference is are.

Finally you could post a mappings of your index by

GET you-index-name

And share the result

yes you are right - all fields in that index "keyword"

You should probably read about the differences

Actually, this looks like a decent article

You should also learn about KQL

Using wildcards on keyword is not generally best practice... Not to say there is not specific use cases where it makes sense.

I suspect what you're thinking of is text search

thank you very much for your answer, i will read more

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