"No results match your search criteria" on indexes

Hi - I have an odd issue. My ELK stack is working perfectly fine, except for one index pattern that randomly stopped working shortly after upgrading to 6.6. I can hit http://elasticsearch:9200/flow-*/_search and get results and the indexes are responding individually as well.

Any idea what to try next? I have of course restarted the servers, reinstalled templates, and even blew away the data and had a new index start with no luck. All other indexes that do not match that pattern work and return fine...I am so confused.

Any help is appreciated.



I expect you are referring to visualizations that no longer show any data and show that message instead?

You can open the inspector (little grey arrow, bottom left) and see what the query and response is for that chart to Elasticsearch. Does running those queries manually return any data?

Hey @thomasneirynck - Appreciate the response. IT actually isn't just visualizations - I couldn't even find data in the index through the Discover tab. But if I did a direct GET HTTP request I got data.

It took almost 30 hours but the index started coming up suddenly with no further changes. Weird...

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