No results found (problem)

kibana show to me that No results found
and i changed discover time to (lastes 5 years and Last 15 minutes ) but both not work
and my elasticsearch can insert data and show it
and kibana connected to it

Can you show an example document from the index you are trying to visualise? what does your mappings look like? How is your Kibana index pattern configured?

If it is the blogs index you are visualising, your data does not have the @tiumestamp field set, so you need to define a Kibana index pattern without a timestamp. It seems you are running a very old version of the stack, so I do not recall exactly how to do it there.

If you are just starting out with the Elastic stack I would recommend installing the latest version instead.

how can i install latest version

am using linux

That is all covered in the link I provided.

ok i will try
to install kibana

You need to install the same version of Elasticsearch and Kibana.

i will install both from your link

thank you its work now

i have another problem
why this error
No matching indices found: No indices match pattern "filebeat-*"

Have you indexed any data into indices matching the pattern filebeat-*?

this error i dont know what should i do

You apparently do not have any data related to Filebeat that can be displayed. What type of data have you indexed into Elasticsearch? Which indices do you have in the cluster?

Those dashboards are pre-built expecting data in a specific format. You can not use these to display your simple test data as this does not have the fields nor structure required. If you want to see the data you should go to the Discover application.

If you want to play around with a sample data set that is a bit more feature-rich, I would recommend clicking on the link "Load a data set and a Kibana dashboard" on the Kibana start page.

You can then select one of the available data sets:

You can naturally also go to the Discover` app and have a look at what the data used for these dashboards look like.