Search query "5G", returns not results but "5G(space and other key)" shows results


We have a search query "5g", which returns no results on the website, however, the results are showing on the Swiftype dashboard and are not being pulled through.

In addition, if we add any character or key at the end of 5g, such as 5g (space), it will show the results on the website.

This hasn't occurred for any other search term we have identified yet.

Really puzzled as to why?

Hi David!

This is not expected behavior. It's hard to tell why it happens.

Do you mind reaching out to support? They should be able to help you better as they have access to your account.

This link has some useful info and instructions: Working with Elastic Swiftype Support: Best Practices | Elastic

Hi Vadim,

I have figured it out. It's a default configuration in our architecture, between React and DESL.


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