Can't login to kibana, login screen keep reappearing

I had everything working.
then started testing https

now I want to go back to http:// connection.

I reverted all the changes.
I can start elasticsearch and can connect to cluster using username elastic

[root@elktst01 kibana]# curl -u elastic 'http://elktst01:9200/_xpack/security/_authenticate?pretty'
Enter host password for user 'elastic':
  "username" : "elastic",
  "roles" : [
  "full_name" : null,
  "email" : null,
  "metadata" : {
    "_reserved" : true
  "enabled" : true,
  "authentication_realm" : {
    "name" : "reserved",
    "type" : "reserved"
  "lookup_realm" : {
    "name" : "reserved",
    "type" : "reserved"

but when I try username elastic/password on kibana same page is keep refresing.
I can't login to kibana with any other username that I had created

what happen here?
I got the kibana logo.

ignore this.
Actually it was my cache and cookie. when I clean them up. it started working.

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