Kibana error Logging in requires a secure connection

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I am using Kibana-6.3.1
I have configued it with ES 6.3.1.
After I setup elastic/kibana password and restated cluster, kibana not allowing me to login.
ON login screen it shows error "Logging in requires a secure connection"
I havent configured certificate yet. ssl-enabled is false.
What might be the issue?

Also I can access it with IP address only. Why the hostname:5601 ?


(kulkarni) #2

Can you share more information like screenshots, logs- Its most important information. Also it would be good if you could share your kibana.yml and elasticsearch.yml configuration - of course commenting out the sensitive information.
My guess is that Kibana cannot connect to the ES cluster.
Are you running X-Pack with security enabled? If so, did you set a password for the kibana user, and add it to kibana.yml ?

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