Cant monitor windows perfmon counter


I have the following perfmon counter names (Bytes IN) and (Bytes IN/sec) that i want to monitor as the following image show:


My modules configuration in my windows.yml file is the following:

Module: windows


  • module: windows

    • service
      period: 1m
  • module: windows

    • perfmon
      period: 10s

    • instance_label: ESEL.Bytes IN
      measurement_label: ESEL.Bytes IN
      query: '\ESEL\Bytes IN'

    • instance_label: ESEL.Bytes IN/sec
      measurement_label: ESEL.Bytes IN/sec
      query: '\ESEL\Bytes IN/sec'

when i just want to monitor the Bytes IN counter i can also see it in Kibana but when i also add the second counder (Bytes IN/sec) in the yaml file i can not see in Kibana neither of them.

Any ideas how to correct this?

Thank you

Hi, could you validate two things for me first:

  1. Could you check that your YAML file is definitely formatted correctly. I can't tell 100% as the formatting on the YAML in the post is a little funky, and the other is a screenshot.

  2. Does Bytes IN/sec work by itself?

Hello Kerry,

I solved that issue by just applying i used Bytes IN / sec instead of Bytes IN/sec ...crazy xaxa.... But thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

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