Can't show data on Kibana 4.3

Hi all,

I try to install ES 2.1, Logstash and Kibana 4.3.
I 'm ussing Topbeat and Packetbeat.
I install plugin beat for Logstash, and i config for send data to logstash (port 5044) (in Image)

Logstash Config

This is all Indices in my ELK.

I try create Index Patterns "topbeat-elk-01-*" and "packetbeat-elk-01-*"

When i go to dashboard and don't see anything data

Is your date range in KB correct?

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Oh sorry, this is my mistake. Date on my server is correct ....

and i have one question.

I see winlogbeat , but i don't see link download ?
Can you give me link download Winlogbeat

You need to build winlogbeat from source at the moment.

Thank ,
I find in forum and found this links :slight_smile: