Kibana 4.5 / ES 2.3.1 / Beats 1.2 - Kibana Doesn't Detect Data

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I'm trying to upgrade from 2.2 to 2.3.1. I have a beats -> logstash -> es flow that worked fine to visualize data in 2.2 + Kibana 4.4.

When I change to 4.5(new 2.3.1 cluster, logstash 2.3.0, beats 1.2), I can see the data is being inserted fine via query, but Kibana does not see the data(It sees the mappings).

Any suggestions on what I may be missing(Or if this is a bug) would be greatly appreciated:


Sample sense:

Mappings can be seen here:

Kibana detects the correct mappings when you add the index pattern, the Discover and Visualize tabs are showing no data(Not a time filter issue). Again, this worked in 4.4 with no issues.

I appreciate any suggestions.

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Feel free to close this thread.

Sorry, I'm guessing I was having an indexing delay.

Flushing everything and re-running beats shows up in kibana now.

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