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Hello, what's happen in case oh authentication in Kabana to share dashboards on external html website? The API uses the some sort of cookie or auth method to retrive the data in real time.
Could you please suggest in case of authentication if there are any issue? Just to understand if also works with auth in Kibana. Thanks!

How are you doing the initial login request, in the iframe, or in the app that's loading the iframe? If Kibana is running on another hostname or port, the cookie isn't going to be valid.

Can you describe the entire flow of the application here? Is there a 401 somewhere? btw, which version are you using ? Logs, screenshots would help.


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Yes Kibana uses a hostname ip 10.xx.xx.xx and I want the dashboard in localhost. The issue is with LDAP of course the AUTH requires login... and also expires after sometimes. I want put into a html/css/js file on localhost the dashboard without everytime add LDAP login. Actually IFRAME option with LDAP is not possible to do it. Thanks!

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