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My use case for Canvas is all about counting documents and visualizing how many documents that meet different criteria. In almost all cases, I want to count the total number of documents that match some criteria, and show that together wit the count of a further filtering of the total set of matched documents.


Let's say that I have an index with documents that have the attributes "State" and "ReviewRecord". I want to show in i line chart the total number of documents that match the query "State: Accepted" as well as the number of documents that match the query "State: Accepted AND ReviewRecord: *", i.e. show the count of accepted documents that have a review record in relation to the total number of accepted documents.

This is easy with filters in regular Kibana visualizations, but I can't figure out a way to do this in Canvas.

Any suggestions?

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There are a couple ways to do this. First you could add a dropdown filter element to the workpad (if you want to be able to change it on the fly). Otherwise in your datasource, depending on what you're using, you can set a query on the data there.


I can do one query in the datasource, e.g. "State: Accepted", but in my use case I need a second query "State: Accepted AND ReviewRecord: *". I need to show both in the same chart so that I can display how they relate to each other. In a more generic use case I need N filter queries in the datasource.

As I explained, this is easy with regular Kibana visualizations, but in Canvas I'm limited to one single query.

Or if I go with the filter element on the workpad to filter "State: Accepted", I still need two queries on the datasource: "*" and "ReviewRecord: *", so that doesn't work either. I still need to be able to make multiple filters in the datasource.

Think of it as a chart with "Total" and "Filtered":

          0           100           200
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Have you tried entering this entire query in the datasource query?

State:Accepted AND ReviewRecord:*

That query would give me this:

          0           100           200

I also need "Total", i.e. the "State: Accepted" part.

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