Canvas data table

Hi, I'm trying to create a canvas like this in Kibana:

My index is from mongo and among the fields, those are the one I would like to use in my query:

"created_at" : "2019-10-09 16:30:15.543838",

So for instance, each document is an order so if I have 10 documents in my mongo collection, it could be 4 from Nike, 2 from Puma and 4 from Adidas. So in my data table, I want to count the number of orders from each brand. It should be possible by aggregating them and applying a filter on the date.

I managed to do it by adding as many data table elements as there are cells in the screenshot.

I don't know how to update and calculate the number of days from a timestamp date though. For instance if we are in November, I would like to display 30 rows in the Day column.

Trying to get all three of those things in the same data table seems unreasonable. Is it okay if they are three separate data tables? It should be as simple as

SELECT HISTOGRAM("@timestamp", INTERVAL 1 YEAR) AS year, COUNT(*) AS count FROM "qbserve-*"

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