Canvas doesn't support Type "IP"


I tried to add a table which contains some suspicious IP addresses and I am getting an error Canvas doesn't not support type IP
So as it's till now a limitation on canvas, I decided to create a dashboard, and then add it to my Canvas. The problem is that I didn't find where to make the Text bigger, cause in my case the text is unreadable as it's show in the picture bellow.


I would like to know is there is a possibility to make a text bigger when it's an imported dashboard to the Canvas ?

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You can apply CSS using Canvas to override the default styles. For example:

.euiDataGridHeaderCell, .euiDataGridRowCell {
  font-size: 24px;
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Thanks for your answer @wylie,

I tried to add thjose 2 lignes, but unfortunately it didn't change anything :frowning:

Those lines were based on what we're running in Kibana development: I think you'll need to look for the correct css selector for whatever version you're running.

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Thanks for your answer, I will look into the documentation to find out what I have to change

I don't think there is any documentation about this. You can use your web browser to find the class names shown on your screen, and then target those.

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Thanks a lot for your help, I just tried that and it worked for me :star_struck:

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