Not able to customise Canvas

We are not able to add header (e.g. Application Health status) to the visualizations which are created in Canvas. Also there is limited options for beautification. Can anyone please help us on this
1)how to change the scale on X-axis,
2)how to add borders,
3)how to colour the headers
4) how to remove the # pound sign found against each columns (see the image attached)

@tims can you please shed some light here ? few things seem like enhancement requests.


Hi @SunilSMenon,

If you are trying to add a header, maybe consider using a Markdown element above the chart.

  1. For x-axis scale you can set the ticksize using axisConfig provided the value is a number, which it looks like it is.
  2. if you are trying to add borders to an individual element this can be accomplished with custom css on each element.
  3. which headers are you attempting to color?
  4. you may be able to hide the type icons by inspecting the element with webtools and hiding the div.


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