Kibana font/resize query

I am using Kibana 4.0.1
I had couple of questions:
1> How do I get the black theme which was there in older Kibana
2> I am showing a simple dashboard showing the log lines
How can I resize the font/height of a row to fit more lines
3> right now the size of a dashboard is fixed height+width, how can I make sure that if I resize window (ie chrome) the dashboard also resizes. ie Auto
4> How can I make lines stop wrapping and instead have a horizontal scroll bar maybe in dashboard

  1. That's only in KB 4.3.
  2. I don't think you can, you may want to raise a feature request for it.
  3. This should happen anyway? Can you provide screenshots?
  4. I think that'd need a feature request.

Actually, due to overwhelming request volume around dark theme, it is now available in Kibana 4.2 :smile:

There is already a feature request for font size, feel free to comment and +1:

I don't understand #4, screenshots would help there too.