Probleme dashboard font size in visualization in kibana after migration from 7.10 to 7.17

How can I change font size of labels in visualization in kibana 7.17 for all dashboard or kept my dashboards format in 7.10 without change in 7.17

Hey! Can you give me more details? Which charts are be shown with a different font? A screenshot would help!

When we moved from 7.10 to 7.17, all the settings were taken except for the settings related to the dashboard, for example font size, going from 12 to 14, which led to an anomaly in the destinations for the user, we need to adjust the dasboard like the 7.10 or import dashboard from 7.10 to 7.17 without losing config ?

You possibly refer to the XY visualizations. We changed our library of rendering visualizations and we use another one so possibly this is why you see these changes, you can't use the old one I am afraid but if you don't provide me with screenshots I am just guessing that this is the difference that you see :slight_smile:

I can't share the screen but For example
here before the title was not shown. Also the export was below. And the size of the writing was smaller, which allows you to see all the lines. Plus the bold line at the bottom. Therefore, we had to reset all of this, but as for the font size, we did not find a way, which prompts us to enlarge the dashboard

I see, yes we did some changes to the datatable and if I remember correctly changed some things (font-size etc) in kibana in general. There is no option to change the font-size. We are using the default font-size in kibana which is 14px. You prefer a smaller one?

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yes because we have more than 300 dashboard so it's very difficult to enlarge all dashboard.
There is AN option to change the font-size in version 8.4 ??

No it is not, I am trying to understand what do you mean with enlarge the dashboard. You say that the font size is bigger now (I dont remember the value before but you said it was 12px). Doesn't this mean that the fonts are bigger now?

yes yes I mean that the fonts are bigger now, so necessarily we will need to grow up the panel size to see all details

A got it now! Unfortunately we don't have a way to change the font size.

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