Canvas dropdown filter result no data after filtering

Hello, i know this is an outdated problem, but after i research all the topic about dropdown canvas and implement it, the result always zero data i don't know why.

So, right now i want to developed a simple visualization using bar chart and drop down filter

this is the code for bar chart :

filters group="app" ungrouped=true
| essql
query="SELECT sum(count_total) as count_total,app_name,payment_step FROM "funnel_canvas_index_dummy" GROUP BY app_name,payment_step"
| pointseries x="payment_step" y="count_total"
| plot defaultStyle={seriesStyle bars=0.75} legend="sw"
| render

this is the code for filter :

essql query="SELECT app_name FROM "funnel_canvas_index_dummy"
group by app_name"
| dropdownControl valueColumn="app_name" filterColumn="app_name" filterGroup="app"
| render

is the way that i do it wrong or something ?

thanks before

Hi @Timothy_Julius, if the bar chart is empty when you select a value from the dropdown, sometimes this can be due to how the data is indexed into elasticsearch. See if you have a "app_name.keyword" field, you can read about keyword here:

Keywords enable filtering by an exact match which may help in this case.

If that doesn't work, are there any other filters in the "app" group?

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