Canvas element spacing/snapping

is it possible somehow to make an element to be positioned right next to other element ? I don't know how to move my markdown element to the top markdown element, so that, there is no space between them ? Now it looks like there is white line between those two elements:

Moving the element with the mouse should trigger some snapping features.
Also If you move with Keyboard there are common key combinations to make a bigger or smaller move.
Also there are some distribution and alignment features in the edit menu.

Bringing all this together should make it easy to achieve every styling you like.

Thank you Felix !
For all others that just starting like me, have a look at HELP section in the canvas, and then choose section 'Keyboard shortcuts', you can find the shortcuts for the right moves.
For me, the Shift + keyboard arrow, did the trick, it moves elements by 1 px. Before i was trying with just the arrow key which is actually move by 10 px.

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