Moving elements in Canvas using keyboard arrows?

Is this featured in this release or not? It wold be nice if we can move the elements using keyboard arrows pixel by pixel in order to align them batter.

Some auto alignment option would be also greatly appreciated.

Alignment snapping was added a little while ago, maybe 1 or 2 releases, which should help if you need to put elements right up against other elements. I think it was in 2053 or 2085, and is definitely in the current release 2174. There's also a kind of hidden hotkey to activate an alignment grid, ALT+G, which can be helpful for manual alignment.

I agree that being able to use the arrow keys to move a pixel at a time, or like 5 pixels with a modifier key, still needs to be brought back. We had arrow keys early on, but when we re-did the layout engine we lost that feature. It'll be back soon though.

Hm... I got the grid all right but snapping dont work. Ill check the release thats installed. Thanks :smiley:

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