Canvas failed to load after upgrading kibana v7.17.1 to v8.5.2

Hi, i have issue where canvas failed to load after upgrading from v7.17.1 to v8.5.2. It's taking really long time to load (more than 10mins). There are few times the canvas loaded after reaching timeout, & i see this error message:

Failed to fetch data view "352e62cf-4f5f-50f2-9bde-b4f3bd66decc": Error: Saved object [index-pattern/352e62cf-4f5f-50f2-9bde-b4f3bd66decc] not found\

This canvas is located in our CCS cluster, i am suspecting that the error caused by saved objects that were coming from ES v7.17.1. But i am not really sure. Is there any explanation & solution for this issue?

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