Canvas formatting options

Hello, is it possible to change the format (and orientation) of the legends in the X and Y axis in a canvas chart ?.
Also, is it possible to change the format of a data in a table inside a canvas ?.
An image is attached with an example.
Thank you.

Hey @fefontana,

The format of the timestamps in the canvas workpad is a known limitation, and is being tracked here: [Canvas] Apply relevant Kibana advanced settings · Issue #37436 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

As for changing the format/orientation of the looks like support for this is being discussed here: [Canvas] Make it easier to style chart axes · Issue #44325 · elastic/kibana · GitHub. Following the conversation in that thread, I found a snippet that worked for me:

This won't be a drop-in fix for you, but it should serve as a starting point:

.flot-x-axis div {
    white-space: nowrap;
    transform:  rotate(-90deg);
    text-indent: -100%;
    transform-origin: top center;
    text-align: right !important;
    top: 280px !important;

Thank you Larry, your previous post is a workaround, but I'm trying to get information about the customizing possibilities of CSS element style on Canvas, and I'm not finding too much at all.
Do you know where can I find reference documentation about the Canvas CSS code ?.
I have no idea where to learn about it.
Take a look at the attached image.

@Catherine_Liu do you know if we have documentation describing what's possible for CSS styling within Canvas?

Sorry if my question is obvious, but I'm referring to CSS documentation within Canvas, not in general. I'm trying to understand Canvas formatting options in Kibana.
For example, where can I find information about ".flot-x-axis" Larry is using in the previous post ?. Where is documented the "white-space:" property inside ".flot-x-axis div" block ?. It is something particular of Kibana Canvas ?.
This is what I mean.

Yeah sorry I understood what you were asking. I didn't think you were looking for CSS documentation in general

Any reference or documentation about it will be appreciated!.