Canvas - Get element to understand 1.234 is a number

Hi all, I am trying to use a progress bar to show response time. The time shows as 1.234 how can I get the bar to work will this data? Also in Logstash the grok for the data is set to number.

Thank You.

The progress bar shows a percentage of a whole, so it expects the value to be between 0 and 1. You could do some math on the value, but would would "100%" be for your response time field? Just based on the field name, it doesn't sound to me like the progress bar would be the most appropriate visualization for it.

It seems to work fine using a cast. I have set the max to 5 because nothing should be over 5 seconds. Is it possible to limit the values using average to something like 0.219? Im getting something like 0.2191259999999999993256 and want to cut that down as possible.

you can use round lie for example let's say x= 0.2191259999999999993256 and you want to display 0.219, you can do round(x,3)

Great thank you very much.

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