Canvas : Monitoring Lag of Live Feeds

Hi All,

I'm trying to build a graph in Canvas or Timelion (in which possible) that will show the lag for live feeds in ElasticSearch indexes.

Currently, I'm using Grafana to monitor the lag but not sure if it's possible with Canvas or Timelion.

I also checked with Visualization but it doesn't support non-aggregation data.

I have watched and read so many tutorials for Canvas and Timelion but couldn't get much help even not sure if both support non-aggregated data or not.

If there is any other method to monitor the Lag for Live Feeds please share with me.

Please see the attached screenshot of Grafana graph.


Hi @Mandy88, Canvas does support Elasticsearch raw documents for non-aggregated data, although depending on the amount of data, you may have performance issues. You can also set your refresh interval to 5 seconds in Canvas for it to poll your data constantly. If you could share where you are getting stuck I can try and be more helpful!

Hi @tims, Thank you for your reply. I'm stuck in a tricky point of a graph, Delay Time. The difference between the last event @timestamp(a time when last event indexed) and Current Time.
For last event @timestamp in Canvas I'm using this query - |essql query="SELECT last("@timestamp") as lastevent FROM "cisco-asa-*"".
Now the next hurdle is fetching a Curent Time and for that I didn't find any function in Canvas.

Is there any method in Canvas to use this script functionnew Date().getTime() - doc['@timestamp'].value

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