Canvas: preview shows data, elements don't

My first time trying out Canvas and I'm feeling lost. Amazingly lost.

No matter what I try, I can get data showing up on preview just fine, even a simple metric shows up nicely on preview... but when I save, I get nothing on canvas.

What could I be doing wrong? I dig the documentation and found nothing at all saying anything about anything even remotely related to this kind of behavior.

which version are you having problems on ? On 7.3.0 released, I tried preview of elements and post the save of canvas workpad- the elements show up just fine.
Is there any console error displayed?


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Chances are that you have some sort of filter on one of your pages that is filtering your data. Do you have a time filter or a filter drop-down somewhere in your canvas?


I'm running 7.2.0 - can't find a "save" option, doesn't it automatically save after every change?
No errors on console. Datasource preview shows 35600 and element still shows 0.

@lukas I had put a time filter in place... and now when I removed it, data showed up as it should! what the hell is going on here...? Ok, so I'm using this over data collected via Twinttweets - there's no @timestamp field, but instead a "date". Looks like Kibana understands it nicely, but when I add time filter, all data goes away... and if I configure it to use "date" as the timefield, everything blows up:

(without time filter)

(with time filter with default parameters is the print I've already posted on op)

(with time filter and configuring "date" as the time field)

Error that's showing up is:

But discovery doesn't show date like that:

Clicking on the time filter element should allow you to specify which field it uses as the date.

When I specify, that error in the middle shows up, the "expression failed" one, where elasticsearch fails to parse date format.

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