Kibana Canvas not providing correct tome format

Hi All,

We are creating a table in canvas, everything is ok expect i choose any time field, it always shows me the time as -5hrs in the display.
I am not using browser time, instead have choose CST time zone,
Display FYI..

Any advice on this please.



I tried timezones with my dataset and it seems to be working fine. Can you please let me know if your timezone gets displayed correctly for your documents in discover?


@bhavyarm In documents i'm getting time only there is no additional time fields mentioned. It is proper like 2020-09-30 02:01:38
In canvas alone i'm getting this additional -05:00 (shown time is proper, problem is that value -05:00 which i shown in above screenshot)

Though i have a time difference of 2 hours from my source data which is completely an another issue.


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