Canvas showing couldn't update workpad errors

Hi there!

I'm new to Canvas and I'm trying to use the service on one of my instances where I'm running other services as well. And while I'm using Canvas I'm seeing some errors showing

  • Couldn't update workpad / Internal Server Error
  • Couldn't update workpad / Bad Gateway

These error show up when I'm refreshing my view or reloading the workpad. Canvas works Ok, I can make changes, create new workpads but I keep getting these errors here & there, I'm not quite sure how to troubleshoot this. Are there any particular logs that I should be looking at? Or increasing memory / cpu my kibana docker?




This looks like you've connection errors. As a start, you could use the network tab of the Browsers developer tools. There you should see those network errors, and they might provide more details that could be helpful to debug the problem. Of course there could be errors in Kibana's log file that might be helpful (it depends on the environment + configuration where to find them). Another possible source of error could be e.g. if you're using a proxy.

Thanks @matw for your response. Errors are random and yes I have a proxy. I'll explore the logs and the inspector network data.


In case there's a proxy involved, you problem sounds like this could be the problem's source.

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