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I have set my Index pattern - @timestamp to MM/DD/YYYY, HH:mm:ss a , which otherwise works throughout Kibana but in Canvas the @timestamp defaults to YYYY MM dd, HH:mm:ss.SSS I'm assuming..
Resulting in the following @timestamp ==> 2018-12-02T00:41:04-06:00 in Canvas. This issue here is the tailing -06:00 for the timezone which places all of my data at 06:00 in my coordinate plot. I have even gone as far as setting my Date format in Kibana Advanced settings with no luck. Any help is appreciated
Thank you

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Hello Cody,

This can be adjusted using the formatDate function which uses the moment lib. Canvas is a bit of a conceptual shift from the rest of Kibana, it focuses on types of data and doesn't leverage Kibana's field formatters.


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@Aaron_Caldwell would you happen to know if logstash mutate can handle the format change. At the moment I'm using the default Filebeat index output which writes a new index daily, or maybe i'm just missing the automated way to change the date format.

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I have run into the same issue, Do you have an example of how to use formatDate?

I tried the following with no luck

timefilterControl compact=true column=AppointmentDate
| formatdate "DD-MM-YYYY"| render

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