CANVAS Vertical Bar Chart with more than one Y axis

Hi I was wondering if CANVAS allowed for more than one Y axis on Bar Charts. I want to use the same input for X Axis but Two Y axis columns . I need to add "Week Total" and "Supplemental Total" to the Y Axis

| essql
query="SELECT TOP 10
SUM("issuedSupplemental") AS "Week Total", "fta" AS "FTA", SUM("uploadSupplementalDiffAmount") as "Supplemental Total"
FROM "agent_statistics"
WHERE"week" = DATE_PART('week',NOW()) and "fta" is NOT NULL
group by "fta"
"Week Total" IS NOT NULL and "Week Total" <> 0
ORDER BY "Week Total" DESC
| mapColumn "Week Total"
fn={getCell column="Week Total" | formatnumber "a$0,0[.]0"}
| pointseries x="FTA" y="Week Total" color="Week Total"
| sort by="y"
| plot defaultStyle={seriesStyle bars=0.5 fill=0.3} legend=false seriesStyle={seriesStyle label="Week Total" stack=1 fill=0.3}
seriesStyle={seriesStyle label="Week Total" stack=1 fill=0.3} palette={palette "#edf8b1" "#7fcdbb" "#2c7fb8" gradient=true}
font={font family="'Open Sans', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif" size=14 align="left" color="#FFFFFF" weight="normal" underline=false italic=false}
| render containerStyle={containerStyle padding="135px"}
css=".flot-x-axis div {
white-space: normal;
transform: rotate(-70deg);
text-indent: -100%;
text-align: Center
top: 310px !important;

Canvas doesn't support multiple Y Axis, the only way to achieve this is using a visualization, maybe a timelion visualization or vegas could help.

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