TSVB multiple axis

4 data are shown in TSVB.
Two of them(current error, last hour error) added the y-axis separately.

like this...

'current error' and 'last hour error' use the same format y-axis.

Can I have two y-axes appear only once?

If you change the "Separate axis" to "No" it should only show one.

Both 'current error' and 'last hour error' use the right axis.

Since I use the same format, I want to display only one on the screen.

Kibana doesn't detect that automatically, you'll have to set that yourself.

Is there a way to set it up manually?

Both 'current error' and 'last hour error' must take a different axis than the left, but the criteria of both are the same.
So if i set both 'separate axis = yes', i have two axis on the right.
If only one(ex. current error) is set 'separate axis = yes', the other(last hour error) follows the standard on the left.

Is there any way other than to represent two axis?

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