Capture Kibana dashboard as static html page

We have a dashboard with a number of visualisations and our customers run it for last 7 days. There's no x-pack.

For a dashboard, we capture the Snapshot URL of the dashboard and then embed the <iframe>....</iframe> links it in our confluence wiki.

Our customers access the dashboards using the confluence wiki. When a customer loads a dashboard, the iframe renders the dashboard by computing the aggregations etc on the fly which sometimes take a while. The customer complains that the dashboards are slow.

We were thinking of creating a static dashboard that would load instantly for a customer i.e save the dashboard as static html page. The static dashboard would remain the same throughout the day. At midnight, we will increment the dates by 1 for the from and to dates for last 7 days and fire the dashboard and then save it again as static.

Can anyone provide pointers to create static dashboard or static html pages? Note. Reporting feature is disabled. Kibana version is 5.x.

I was thinking I could create .html pages and render them in a simple HTTP/Web Server.


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Hi there, I just tried viewing a dashboard in Chrome, going to File > Save, and that saved an .html file with related assets to disk. When I reopened the html file, everything seemed to display normally in the browser. Could you use a tool like wget to do something similar?

Thank you for the suggestion @cjcenizal. I already tried that but it misses out quite a few charts. For e.g see the two screenshots. First one is in kibana. And 2nd one is the html one.

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