Statically Extract Kibana Dashboard

Hello All,

I have a dashboard that I would like to effectively export a snapshot of, and then host behind a CRM to people that don't have access to my Kibana and ES servers. Is there a good way to statically extract a dashboard? I tried to save the html and some visualizations like metrics look fine but maps and charts are broken. I don't need to have my graphs be interactive in this extracted state (but if they were that would be cool and useful). But simply having a fixed view of the visualizations from the dashboard would be sufficient (at least for now).

Thank you!

Yes, you can use reporting to generate PDFs and PNGs from dashboards

Thank you @Nathan_Reese,

Missed that one because I don't have a gold license. Are you aware of anyway to do this outside of leveraging the reporting functionality?

Thank you!

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