Rest API Issues with downloading visualisation/dashboard as png

HI Team,

We are trying to download a kibana dashboard using the RESTAPI.


By specifying the dashboard id, Im able to download the dashboard content in html format. But I wanted to know how to download the content in png format.

Any help on this is much appreciated

png report generating requires using POST request, did you try to use it? (it will be in your clipboard after you click Copy POST URL):

Here's a detailed tutorial about analogical PDF report generations: Automating report generation | Kibana Guide [7.13] | Elastic

Basically you have to hit a POST request:
curl -XPOST -u username:password -H 'kbn-xsrf: true' 'GENERATED_URL'
and then the response will contain a path to the generated report that you can just read with GET request.

Hi Tanya,

Thanks for your resposne. Im currently using kibana 7.7.1 and when I try to click on the share option in the dashboard. I do not get t a snapshot for PNG reports. Snapshot below

Can you please specify in this case, how can I get the post url to download the dashboard as png .

Also im able to get the json content of the dashboard. But I want the image of the dashboard in png or other format

Hi @Vajb12,

Unfortunately, PNG reports are available in a licences higher than basic. You can test it out by going to Stack management and starting 30 days trial licence upgrade.

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